USEF Publishes Horse Welfare & Safety Penalty Guidelines

With a special focus on horse and rider safety, the USEF has published new guidelines with penalties for unacceptable conduct.  Topics listed on the USEF site include: Excessive Use of Whip or Spurs and Improper Use of Bits; Illegal Equipment; Cruelty/Abuse/Neglect – Includes excessive riding, lunging, training and showing, deprivation of water and feed, striking…

USDA’s published FAQs on Exhibitor and Transporter Responsibilities under the Horse Protection Act.

The Horse Protection Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1821-1831, seeks to end the practice of soring in the horse industry.  As this Federal program impacts Oklahoma horse exhibitors, I have included a link to the USDA's FAQs on exhibitor and transporter responsibilities.

The American Horse Council Reports Extra H2B Visas to be Made Available by end of July Attached is a link to an update published by the American Horse Council describing how these additional H2B temporary visas can improve access to temporary workers particularly for those in the horse racing and training industries.