Sending out an alert to my fellow boarding stable colleagues.  I was contacted by text message by an individual identifying only as “Kevin” allegedly looking for a boarding facility that offered horse training.

The grammar was poor and message curiously vague.  While I don’t know if the individual was male or female I will refer to the person as a male since the name “Kevin” was used.

Kevin was very pushy immediately stating the three horses were on the way to our stable to be boarded for training, and he wanted to know if we accepted credit card payments. and He also wanted the name of the merchant who would be processing it.

I indicated payment arrangements were premature as I would need to know more about him and his horses, specifically proof of identity and horse ownership; health status of the horses; and a credit check.  

I also asked him where he and the horses were located.  He indicated he is stationed in Knowles, Oklahoma, in the Army and the horses were with the “carrier” west of where our stable is located.  He then asked again where to send a “deposit.”  I did a quick internet check and found there is no list Army base in Knowles, Oklahoma.

Sensing this was a scam, I told him we could not assist and then blocked the number.  I am not sure what the actual mechanism he or she was trying to use to scam us, but I am certain that is what would have happened.  Just wanted to get the word out!

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