Today, the Tulsa World newspaper published an online article speaking to the positive impact the equine industry has had on the economy in Tulsa – Mane events: Tulsa excels when it comes to the equine industry.

Moreover, according the February 2017 Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Fact Sheet,The estimated economic impact of 15 of the national and world level horse shows held in Oklahoma City alone is more than $100 million annually.”

For more information on economic impact, the American Horse Council (AHC) is set to publish its updated National Equine Economic Impact Study where Oklahoma is one of fourteen (14) states receiving its own breakout report.  The aggregate report is due to be released the end of November or first of December, and the Oklahoma breakout report can be expected in January 2018.  See the announcement of the American Horse Council website:

During a time of budget shortfall and essential service cuts, the equine industry may now be more important to Oklahoma than it ever has been! How can we seek ways to grow this key revenue source?  To start, we can all support those who are responsible for bring these much needed dollars to Oklahoma!  Go to shows!  Attend open barns!  Sign up for riding lessons! Buy an Oklahoma bred horse!

Oklahoma, let’s grow our way out of this budget deficit.  The equine industry is a great place to start!


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